CREATIVation for world class design

About ME

My concept captures your imagination. My design captures your target market. My lens captures stills that inspire you.

When you see my design, I think you'll agree.


Skills Include




​Online Design


WHO is this homepage for?  For those who want to know about me and my work.
WHAT is pcdesign?  It is short for "Patrick Chau Design & Photography".
WHERE should you go from here?  Explore all kinds of information about my design.
WHEN can we meet?  I would be glad to meet with you any time to discuss my opportunity. 
WHY would you hire me?  Because my design speaks boldly and my experience echo within.




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Four years agency, eight in-house and many more freelance. 
Harnessing creativity and perfecting my design with practical experience.


Ever-advancing my skills and perspective, love learning new things and unique idea.


Seeing what other designers miss, capturing what others can't.