CREATIVation for world class design


Six years agency, eight in-house and many more freelance. 
Harnessing creativity and perfecting my design with practical experience.


Ever-advancing my skills and perspective, love learning new things and unique idea.


Seeing what other designers miss, capturing what others can't.

About ME

My concept captures your imagination. My design captures your target market. My lens captures stills that inspire you.

When you see my design, I think you'll agree.




WHO is this homepage for?  For those who want to know about me and my work.
WHAT is pcdesign?  It is short for "Patrick Chau Design & Photography".
WHERE should you go from here?  Explore all kinds of information about my design.
WHEN can we meet?  I would be glad to meet with you any time to discuss my opportunity. 
WHY would you hire me?  Because my design speaks boldly and my experience echo within.

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Skills Include




​Online Design