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Maple Diversity Communications Inc. - Mississauga, ON Canada (2016-Present) - Graphic Designer

Lockwood Industries Inc. - Burlington, ON Canada & 

Gulfport Industries Inc. - Tampa, Florida USA (2004-2012) - In-House Designer & Production Manager/Buyer

Piper Group Inc. - Mississauga, ON Canada (2001-2004) - Graphic Designer

Interkom Creative Marketing - Burlington, ON Canada (2000-2001) - Junior Art Director & Production Room Assistant

Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer (1995-Present)


Advertising Design (Diploma), 1999 - International Academy of Design, Toronto, ON Canada
Still Photography (IA 95’ Btech), 1995 - Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, ON Canada


Mapler of the Month May 2017 - Maple Diversity Communications Inc. - Mississauga, ON Canada 

Employee of the Year 2005 - Lockwood Industries Inc. - Burlington, ON Canada

Advertising Design 1999 Best Designer - International Academy of Design - Toronto, ON Canada